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The Body is Designed to Win!


There are hundreds of health fads and diets out there, but they focus on the “majority” of people. You are not the majority – you’re unique! We’ve learned the best way for you to experience real health is to understand that the body has a definite design, and then to support that design.


How do you do that?


You do it by learning about your body's wonderful design. As you learn and understand that, you'll come to realize your body is designed to win. That realization will empower you to take the steps to support that design.


Not only is there a design, but it's designed to WIN, NOT to lose


As we’ve studied health and the human body, we’ve long been fascinated with the intricate and amazing systems that are in place at every level of our bodies. There is always a winning strategy! Sometimes it’s effortless and seamless. Sometimes it is the best your body can come up with at any given moment to meet all the challenges in front of it.


And while there’s definitely a design, there are also definite challenges faced by each of us that affect our health. You’ve probably been faced with some of them in your life already.


But suddenly you realize that being healthy isn’t the result of luck, genes or anything else that’s out of your control!


We want to help you take control


If there’s a design for the health of your body, then there’s also a way to overcome your challenges successfully. Health is not the result of the diagnoses or illnesses you’ve had, or the drugs or medical treatments you take. Health is a state that you can achieve, recover and/or maintain by recognizing the design that’s in place, supporting it, and understanding that you are instrumental in making that happen!


Our role is to help you reach success, whether you're an individual trying to improve your own health, or a health professional wanting to incorporate this principle into your practice to provide lasting health and wellness to your patients.


At Designed2Win®, we understand the design, we know how to discover the challenges that are unique to you, and we can find a way to support your design while meeting your specific challenges. We can teach you what you need to know or help you personally through consultations and training. We leave it up to you to decide how far you’d like to go to reach your health goal.


We know the human body is meant to experience remarkable health


Whether you’re a health care professional or health enthusiast, Designed2Win can dramatically change your understanding of how your body achieves and maintains its physical health. Read on to find out what you can do, and what we can help you with!



Designed2Win® is the brainchild of biochemist, clinical nutritionist, secondary researcher and teacher H.L. Sam Queen. We’ll let him tell you a little more:HL Sam Queen.png


“I’ve been studying people and their chemistry for about 54 years…testing, teaching, always experimenting, and learning in a wide range of matters concerning health and disease.


"I’ve had great mentors and momentous experiences and have come to realize that nearly everyone in the health care field is well trained in what’s called the Biomedical Model of Disease, or the disease model, as it is best known.


"Strange as it seems, our health providers are better trained in disease than in health.


"Universities commonly offer the doctor of medicine degree. Yet no institution that I’ve been made aware of offers a doctor of health degree. There is a degree in public health, but public health is geared more toward a community than to an individual person and their specific needs."


"So, how do you tailor health to the individual?


"To answer this you first have to define health itself. This sounds simple enough, but health is very much like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but defining it is a big challenge.


"So, as a chemistry fanatic, in the 1980s I started an organization named appropriately, The Institute For Health Realities.


"Through the years we made many discoveries about health, but perhaps the most significant was that there are six common denominators of cell health and disease. Some alteration in any one or all of these preceded all chronic diseases, infections, toxicities and cancers. So, from this finding we were able to develop what has become the first objectively measured health model. It allows us to look at any health situation from the basic perspective of its origin and contributing factors, which simplifies it and its solution.


"As our model was further developed and expanded upon, we began to look for a name. It had to express our belief that in order for chemistry to serve the individual, it had to be approached in a different manner than before.


"One day, the thought came to me that no matter how out of “whack” all the data seemed to be in any one person’s chemistry, it was still the best that the body could do at that given moment in time to meet all the challenges before it.


"WOW! How exciting is that?


"Well, from then onward the name for our health model became the Designed2Win® Model of Health. It really says it like it is.


"Why the numerical “2” in our name? Well, health is definitely not just about us. Health always involves other people. Other people affect how we think and feel about ourselves. From the time we’re born until the time we die, our health may depend on other people. Initially, someone has to feed and nurture us, educate us, then join with us in reproducing our own kind. Along the way we sometimes become ill, when others may again tend to our needs, even more so as we age.


"In addition, your health or lack of it may have as much to do with the stresses in your life, how you handle those stresses, and your relationship with others, as it has to do with genetics. Joyful relationships can enhance your health. Unresolved conflict at home or at work may hinder your efforts to get well.


"But the body can get well, because it has a definite pattern that’s aiming for wellness all the time. Your body is always reaching for that natural balance that exists within it. All other things can be cleaned up to ensure your body can follow its design to the best of its ability. And sometimes it’s helpful to enlist those other people in a successful outcome.


"The point is that the body is designed to win, not to lose. That’s what we find so exciting! There may be a limit to how long the body lives, but it’s not designed to deteriorate and fall apart early. That’s just the result of individual circumstances, poor thinking and perhaps poor choices. Even when circumstances are hard to change, thinking and choices can always be changed. We’ve spent years uncovering more and more ways this is true and putting it into our health model.


"And along the way, we’ve realized something significant. When someone is trying to overcome a difficult health problem, and first sees their body as something that is designed for success, they often breathe a sigh of relief. It’s no longer an inevitable event that they have no control over. And that makes all the difference, because a hopeful outlook can help mobilize aspects of the healing response.


"For now, here’s the deal. You can struggle with finding a cure for this or that, or you can consider looking for answers through this Designed2Win Model of Health. You can learn how to take matters into your own hands and get to the root of health issues that may already have developed in your life, and prevent future problems from occurring.


"What we want for you is the best of health. Why? We want you to have the excitement and enthusiasm you need to go about your life’s purpose. Hey, we think we each have a purpose, and if you haven’t yet discovered what yours is, then hopefully we can help you find the energy and enthusiasm you need to find it!


"Finally, who we are is this: Truth is our highest priority, and we are willing to amend any view when the evidence suggests it’s warranted. We believe body chemistry represents the language that your body is using to instruct itself to meet all the challenges placed before it at any given moment in time.


"Our job is to learn the body’s language to the best of our ability and then to provide the support it’s asking for.


"We forever ARE…Designed2Win!"


To see Sam's curriculum vitae, click here.

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