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Learn how to support your body's design rather than dictate to it with a prescription pad

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We Help You Achieve YOUR

Designed2Win Life!


If you have the slightest interest in improving your health or regaining what you’ve lost, welcome!


We’re here to guide you as you search for answers.


At Designed2Win® our specialty has always been health, and particularly in the interpretation of body chemistry as it relates to health and disease. Yet as we’ve worked with people over the years, we’ve discovered so much more that is important to your health. A one-size-fits-all diet, for instance, simply can’t be relied upon. Too many people fall through the cracks.


We know that long-term health requires that you view it NOT from the usual perspective of “What should I take for this or that?” but from the perspective of our health model, which is based on the idea that your body is made by design and is made to win, not lose. As a first step, winning requires that we toss the old one-size-fits-all approach in favor of developing a plan to support your design.


We’ve always recognized, studied and supported what you’re already aware of - the need for a healthful diet, sufficient rest, and exercise that’s within your capabilities. And you’ll find plenty of those insights here and in our blog.


Getting and staying well means it’s important to support your body’s design in every way possible.


Beyond diet, rest and exercise, though, are other things that we’ve come to realize are equally important to the success of your health program - your attitude and emotional health. As you search for health answers, you’ll want to examine your thinking, replacing negative thoughts with the remembrance of the wonderful things in your life. Yes, they are there! You’ve simply forgotten about them while you’ve focused on other things that may have gone wrong.


Hands reaching out.jpgToo, it’s important to learn to resolve conflict at home and at work. And finally, we believe finding ways to be of service to others can go a long way toward changing not only your perspective, but also your chemistry – and therefore your health.


Confused by all the conflicting health news? Who wouldn’t be?!


You’ll learn that when you view your body in this complete way, those confusing health stories in the media are no longer discouraging. You’re not at the mercy of conflicting reports; instead you can place them into your new Designed2Win way of thinking and make sense of them. They’re all pieces of the same puzzle, but Designed2Win will equip you to get the best information for your health from each one of those reports.


Your health is unique!


Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. With many common health strategies, there’s too much opportunity for someone to slip between the cracks because what works for most people won’t necessarily work for every person. If that person should be you, you want results! Your personal success requires that your program be tailored to satisfy your individual circumstances, which may require something way beyond the norm. What you’ll find from us here is the highest level of professional problem solving, where the central focus is your health.


We look forward to helping support you in your quest for the best health possible!


We’re here to guide you in your search for your healthier and more fulfilling life – your Designed2Win life.


What You Can Do


  1. Your first step is to change the way you look at health!

    We are conditioned in our world to viewing our bodies from the popular disease model perspective. From that perspective, it’s common to believe your body enjoys its best health when you’re young, and then proceeds to break down with age. You are destined to deteriorate further and further, until you eventually die. Diseases and health issues are inevitable and happen to everyone, and your time will come. It all comes about because the body is not capable of taking care of itself, and can’t overcome the effects of its genes, its environment, and its age. No wonder you sometimes just want to give up!

    But when you view your health from the perspective of our Designed2Win health model, you see your body as made by an intricate design that allows for recovery and good health no matter what is presented to it! There are amazing systems in place within your body that want to take over and restore it back to its original design.

    Once you become convinced of your body’s ability to take charge for your best interests, you see that there is nothing in your health that you can’t improve or even overcome! As long as you’re supporting the design system that’s in place, you’re supporting your body’s attempts to heal itself and restore order. You just have to know what the design system is, and we will help you with that

  2. Recognize the need for attending to your emotional as well as physical health.

    How you think plays a role in all of this. Your body chemistry can be hugely altered by your attitude, your emotional health, and whether or not you have an appropriate reason for getting well. A positive thought process is critical to your health! What we’re talking about is not a simplified view of life – it’s scientifically proven. We have much more control over our health than we realize, if we only change our thought process.

    We address this often in our Designed2Win blog, so be sure to check there for ideas and suggestions to inspire you.

  3. Learn and practice what you learn.

    Keep up with current news on our blog. Once you understand how you can achieve lasting health, you’ll want to keep up with new information, which is posted regularly there. You can read new articles, learn more about how to practice this new way of thinking, and comment on postings.

    Change lifestyle and diet habits gently and easily with our health series, Put Down The Duckie. It offers practical and painless ways to change your lifestyle. Put Down The Duckie doesn't just give you good health information; it helps you be successful using it! Each of these short publications explains one relatively simple aspect of health at a time, giving you background information on why it's important to do, suggestions on how to work it into your lifestyle, tips, recipes and encouragement. It allows you to concentrate on changing one habit at a time, instead of changing everything at once. After all, it took time to learn each unhealthful habit, and it will take time to unlearn it – that’s OK. Each time you add something new to your lifestyle, or exchange a bad habit for something better, you add another level to your overall health. Your Personal Health Guide also contains information on health so fundamental to what every person needs to restore and maintain their health.

    We have a great deal more scientific information intended for the health professional, but written and recorded in a manner that appeals to many. The Health Realities Journal, Health Realities in the News, and our Health Realities Education Series are all examples of that. You’re more than welcome to read through the For The Health Professional link on our site, and to obtain any of those items from our store.
  4. Seek out health providers who see things the same way or are willing to work with you.

    When seeking a doctor or health provider, make certain that they have been trained (at least in spirit) in the principles of Designed2Win. Health providers who are truly into health will recognize themselves as being a facilitator of health rather than a “fixer” of what ails you. Health providers who’ve been trained in the Designed2Win concept will have this attitude engrained in their total practice.

    Feel free to share this website with them, as well as our Designed2Win and Free Radical Therapy blogs. Encourage them to contact us for more information and training.

    We can also help you find a practitioner near you who practices in this way. Contact our office and someone will be happy to assist you.

    As you search for a health provider, keep in mind one important concept: The provider of the health you seek will practice not as a dictator, but as a facilitator of health.
  5. Start a general diet and supplement plan.

    One of our beliefs at Designed2Win is that you are an individual with your own unique health needs. Based on that, our specialty is tailoring health programs for your individual requirements. We have never been in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach to health, because we don't believe that one diet/lifestyle is the answer for all people. With that said, though, we're sometimes asked - by people who are not yet ready to commit to an individualized health program, but still want to improve their overall health - what would be a basic diet and supplementation plan to get started? Here is our answer.

    “Medicine is what a doctor does for you –

    Health is what you do for yourself!”

    ~ H.L. “Sam” Queen



    Everyone has a disclaimer, and here’s ours.


    We are not here to treat people, but rather to guide you as you search for answers to your health concerns.


    In matters of health, the role assumed by Designed2Win in no way takes the place of your doctor.


    Your doctor was professionally trained to make a diagnosis, place a label on the diagnosis, and then to treat the label. This makes your doctor the expert in crisis care and disease management. If you’re facing an immediate health problem, or are in need of a diagnosis, always begin with your doctor.


    But here’s food for thought, and the reason we exist.


    This is where traditional medicine is lacking. Prevention, in that way of thinking, has to do more with eliminating symptoms and managing risk factors than getting at underlying causes that could lead to disease.


    For example, traditional medicine excels in looking for high blood pressure and cholesterol levels as indicators of disease, but fails to see these same symptoms within the context of health. Let’s say you’ve been told you have high blood pressure and a high cholesterol level. We confirm that’s true. But now, from a Designed2Win perspective, we look for what caused that high blood pressure* and elevated cholesterol.** We realize that each of these things may also indicate further health issues that could (and may even be more likely to) occur in the future if the symptom is simply eliminated or controlled through the use of a drug or dietary change. We always look a little further to find out what caused the symptom to begin with, and how it’s affecting your health.


    Our ultimate delight would be to help you build and train your own health care provider team, by directing you to health care professionals who think in the Designed2Win manner, or by teaching your current favorite health care providers how to think this way! By all means, feel free to refer your doctors to us to learn more about how we can help them.


    *It may be calcium imbalance or an imbalance in protein status

    **One possibility is exposure to a nerve toxin in which case cholesterol can become a protective mechanism

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