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Mike_Robichaux.jpg"I’ve never met one person with a better grasp of biochemistry and the ability to relate that knowledge in ways that are easily understood.


Mike Robichaux, D.D.S.
Slidell, Louisiana












“My wife Deborah and I are forever grateful for Sam Queen. He literally saved both of our lives and then provided an incredible health model for us. Sam is a miracle worker and has shown us and our four children not only that we are “Designed to Win” but how to understand, apply and maintain great health!”
~ Forrest and Deborah Bahruth, Orlando, FL









tomwais.jpg"For anyone who is willing to do the work of lifestyle change and be persistent, I cannot recommend working with Designed2Win enough. We live in a very challenging environment today, and staying truly healthy requires conscious attention to diet and blood chemistry. I have worked as a dentist with my patients for the last six years evaluating their dental health with the help of Designed2Win and the Institute for Health Realities. For the patients who are willing to make this commitment, very positive results happen. I personally have worked with Sam Queen on my own health for the last six years, and I have had great improvement in my mental acuity as well as visual acuity. We have made considerable improvement in my blood chemistry with dietary changes and custom nutritional supplementation. If you want to learn more about your health and how your body works, I strongly recommend Designed2Win and the Institute for Health Realities."


~ Thomas D. Wais, D.D.S, Scottsdale, AZ



Sanders.jpg“I find listening to Sam speak is not only informative, it is grounding, with the insightful perspective he has about the excitement and capabilities the human body has 'to win' – which underlies all the science that is presented and so important for working with Free Radical Therapy from the Designed to Win perspective.”


~ Terrie Sanders, BPE, Dip ED, MESSA, OAM; Healthy Human Performance, Hobart, Australia





Page.jpg“My experience with Sam Queen has been life saving - literally. Sam patiently and diligently guided me on a program that has resulted in excellent health and stamina. My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Sam's protocol for vibrant and healthy living. At age 79, I have more energy and zest for life than at any other time in my life, and I have overcome a genetic predisposition for early onset of atherosclerosis.”

~ Joe Page, San Antonio, TX

“I began Sam Queen's health program in 1997. I felt well and thought I was healthy. As I started working with him, I realized how very unhealthy I was. It became apparent that when I was exposed as a child to large quantities of pesticides, I had ingested them and stored them over the years. After making a lifestyle change and detoxing the pesticides and mercury, my energy increased and every cell in my body feels alive. At 68, I’m able to volunteer full time with our ministry, and have a great sense of wellbeing.”

~ Liz Page, San Antonio, TX


Berndtson.jpg"Being able to recognize patterns of abnormality within reference ranges for clinical chemistries is an indispensable medical skill. It helps the clinician develop a more coherent view of what's driving a patient's metabolic imbalance, pointing the way toward restored metabolic integrity using methods that are aligned with the principle that the body is designed to win. In my experience, no one teaches this skill better than Sam Queen."


~ Keith Berndtson, M.D., Park Ridge, IL

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