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Gluten Sensitivity and the Body’s Winning Design

Loaves of whole grain bread

History indicates that humans have been eating grains throughout recorded time. The nutritional value of grains is high and unquestionable. Yet some people react in a somewhat non-allergic manner to a major protein component of grains known as gluten. A form of this condition, gluten intolerance, is due to an autoimmune condition called Celiac disease.

In most circumstances, health enthusiasts recommend that the symptomatic person be either tested or advised to avoid grains altogether. When avoidance is combined with steps to treat inflammation, symptoms are seen to subside. And, while that’s certainly a victory, it still doesn’t get at the cause.

Why? Because this standard approach is not based on a health model. Rather it is based on the common disease model where handling symptoms is the key to health. It’s become commonplace for even health-minded doctors to practice in this self-limiting manner.

A lasting answer to gluten sensitivity can be found only within the Designed2Win model of health.

If you consider that gluten sensitivity begins with faulty intestinal absorption, and that the body is clearly designed to prevent this, then it makes sense to find a means of improving healthy production of intestinal villa, protecting the mucosa lining, and stimulating a healthy intestinal wall from which these key components must arise and function well to prevent the gluten problem.

It is for this reason that we developed (from the known science) our special “mucosa-building butter” that can be prepared in the kitchen. Our Mucosa Butter supports repair of the intestinal wall and intestinal villi, while it also supports secretion of a healthier mucosa. Eating this butter regularly helps you improve not just gluten sensitivity, but also a broad range of conditions that may have their origin in the intestinal tract. For health conscious practitioners, this step can provide an even better outcome to many treatment regimens.

After all, grain foods are both nutritious and delicious. Wouldn’t you rather eliminate the cause of gluten sensitivity, rather than simply eliminate the symptom by avoiding these foods the rest of your life?

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2 Responses to Gluten Sensitivity and the Body’s Winning Design

  1. Ambika says:

    I have this recipe at home, but I’m super sensitive to dairy too (creates excessive mucos), is there a substitute for the butter in this recipe that would work as well? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Mucous is one of those protective agents the body uses to trap incoming toxins, to discharge outgoing toxins, and to provide a safe haven where healthy absorption can occur. So, if dairy causes an increase in mucous you would do well to explore (first) what it is your body may be trying to excrete. The addition of reduced glutathione to a nasal spray can do wonders toward getting rid of your reason for excess nasal mucous. You didn’t say if you had tried the recipe or if you just have the recipe and were afraid to use it. Sometimes, to take advantage of your body’s winning design you have to take a chance and go for it. Failing to do so could be a factor in the leaky gut that often precedes gluten sensitivity. So, the benefit could outweigh your concern over mucous. You won’t know until you do it.

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